07 Apr

Enjoy the new gluten free pancakes, pitta breads and pizza bases by Genius

Having tasty, fluffy pancakes for breakfast, a pitta bread for lunch and homemade pizzas for diner, all gluten free: it’s possible from today on. By popular request, the gluten free pancakes, pitta breads and pizza bases by Genius are now available in the Netherlands

so that everyone also here can enjoy great tasting bakery products, without gluten. You’ll find the new products in the gluten free aisle of Albert Heijn. Genius breads and muffins are still available in the Fresh Bakery aisle.

Taste and texture

Whether you opt for a gluten free way of life or you can’t tolerate gluten due to medical conditions, it’s often hard to find a tasty, gluten free alternative for bakery products. The new Genius products offer a solution. Genius founder Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne develops the innovative recipes. She says: “The biggest challenge in developing recipes for gluten free bakery products is to get the taste and texture right. To give these authentic and delicious flavours to pancakes, pitta breads and pizza bases without gluten, I’ve experimented extensively. The pancakes, pitta’s and pizza bases are also wheat and milk free.”

Pancakes for breakfast

Fancy something sweet? These light, fluffy and golden Genius pancakes are the perfect choice for breakfast. Opt for a simple scattering of berries, bananas and honey to celebrate the new morning. These gluten free pancakes are available as a 6 pack. You’ll find them in the gluten free aisle of Albert Heijn

Pitta Breads without gluten

The Genius Pitta Breads are light, soft and most importantly of all, perfectly pocketable, a breakthrough in Gluten Free baking! So everyone can enjoy delicious pitta bread with falafel. Finish your Greek pitta with hummus, tzatziki and fresh salad. These pitta breads (4 pack) are also available at Albert Heijn.

Homemade gluten free pizza

In the gluten free aisle you’ll find the Genius Pizza Bases without gluten. Treat yourself and your friends to homemade pizzas with crispy crusts. Are you going for the classic Margherita with basil leaves or will you choose more adventurous flavours? The pizza bases come in a 2 pack.