A ‘home for X-Mas’ has all it takes for a perfect X-Mas, for the modest as well as the ‘over the top’ fan. To showcase its wide variety of products, in 2021 collaborated with real estate agent Tim, well-known for his extra sales videos. A house in the municipality of Schagen was transformed into a real Christmas house, fully decorated with the assortment from A special packing room, a giant Santa Clause and a staircase that was transformed into a sleigh track. Even the house was for sale...

As a result of a proactive media approach by NewsLab and dedicated footage that generated a lot of attention on, the house was noticed by numerous media, which resulted in coverage in numerous online titles, such as LINDA and AD, as well as in broadcasts in tv programs, such as Jeugdjournaal, Goedemorgen Nederland and BEAU. With a total reach of 9 million, the house was sold in no time.



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