Canon: a camera voor re-creation

As a follow-up of its successful launch of its the colorful Zoemini camera printers, Canon approached NewsLab to give PR support for a second edition. Together with influencer Sterre Koning, we organized a big influencer event for the introduction of Canon’s newest instant camera.

The event took place in a very suitable location for Gen Z - the Youseum in Leidschendam. The museum was the perfect location for the theme ‘Recreating Moments’. Gen Z influencers (TikTok and IG) recreated iconic pictures: Marilyn Monroe's famous scene in the Seven Year Itch, Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball, and the Beatles crossing Abbey Road. They did this with their own Zoemini S2 and this resulted in numerous IG posts and TikTok videos. NewsLab was responsible for the concept and production, as well as media and influencer relations. More than 60 influencers recreated some iconic moments.




Events, Influencer Marketing