‘In the mood’ for Kruidvat Eau de Toilettes

In the Spring of 2022, Kruidvat launched three new vegan fragrances, based on MoodScience Technology. This method is based on formulations with science-based technology that explores positive emotions using different ingredients. Kruidvat's new eau de toilettes contain proven feel-good ingredients that make you feel extra happy, more relaxed or just more energetic, and are selected to stimulate the mind. With three variants - Relax, Energy and Happy - NewsLab teamed up with Kruidvat and creative agency ZIJ&BLIJ to create a special mailing.


In the package, editors of all relevant retail and lifestyle magazines were introduced to the three new fragrances. Through an interactive quiz - in which they had to choose which characteristics best suited them - journalists discovered whether they were Happy, Energy or Relaxed. Based on these results, they later received a package containing the perfume that matched best with their personality.




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