Glam peppernuts

Jumbo aims to encourage children to make dishes in the kitchen and ‘Sinterklaas’ is a very suitable occasion for this. Together with illustrator and program maker Jill Schirnhofer, NewsLab created a delicious peppernuts recipe. Jumbo challenged young cooks to make these 'Glam Peppernuts' themselves. To inspire the kids, Jill shared all ins & outs about baking peppernuts in a tutorial, as well as in posts and stories on Instagram. The most beautiful creations were awarded with a Meet & Greet with Jill or with one of her popular baking books. Exposure for the contest and the recipe was created through the social channels of Jill, Jumbo and in Hallo Jumbo Magazine. This resulted in numerous delicious bakings.


Jumbo Supermarkets


Influencer Marketing, Brand PR


2018 - 2019